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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the WRO Media Art Biennale does not boil down to holding a series of exhibitions, debates, performances, and discussions lasting into the small hours of the morning. The central value of the Biennale lies in the transfer and dissemination of thoughts and insights which thrive and clash in Wroclaw into and across other spaces. This is an inseparable element of the Biennale program, and its various instantiations range from exhibiting art from all over the world to the travels of our art mediators who transport selected items worldwide within the WRO on Tour scheme.

Ideas, concepts, and objects move across our social imaginary largely owing to art. Over one hundred artworks, put on display at venues scattered across Wrocław, were trying to address the thematic concern expressed in the umbrella slogan of the 18th Biennale: CZYNNIK LUDZKI/HUMAN ASPECT, bringing to the foreground human presence and activity in the post-truth and crises-ridden world, a factor which tends to be relegated outside the global awareness as too transparent for us to consciously notice.

From among a wealth of video works, installations, media objects, and performances presented during this year’s dozens of programs, shows and exhibitions, Piotr Krajewski, Artistic Director of the WRO Biennale, has selected twenty pieces that uniquely capture and explore our contemporary realities, which defy any previously practiced interpretive approaches.

We prepare special WRO on Tour programs that are presented in different art institutions and during various events and festivals in Poland and abroad until the next edition of the WRO Biennale.

If you are interested in organizing the WRO on Tour program, please contact us on the available dates and conditions at info@wrocenter.pl (please, enter “WRO on Tour” in the title of the e-mail).

More information about WRO on Tour 2019 events – see below.

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