Wrocław Underwater and WRO
Browar Mieszczański, Hubska 44
Oct 2, 2020 / Fri / 10 PM

Wolves and Superhumans

A special set of video works selected from the program of last year’s WRO Biennale. Staying away from the involuntarily sloppy, pandemic, and anemic alternatives to life’s activities, we will explore the still available options to act with a bang or at least distance from reality.


Liliana Piskorska (PL), Public Displays of Affection, 2017, 6:40
Joacélio Batista (BR), Ich bin der Übermensch, 2018, 9:28
Eginhartz Kanter (DE), Taking Away, 2018, 6:42
Magdalena ŁazarczykZuza Golińska (PL), Nothing Twice, 2018, 6:24
Demelza Kooij (NL), Wolves From Above, 2018, 5:40
Andres Baron (CO), Printed Sunset, 2017, 6:21

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