WRO on Tour #5

Spectrum Świdnica Film Festival
Trykotaże Cafe
Nov 10, 2019 / Sun / 6 PM

Two in One

Organic and artificial. Movement and motionlessness. Documentation and transformation. Each of the films presented in the screening offers its own, distinct approach to duality and co-occurrence of various, sometimes utterly divergent elements. Thereby, they address a range of issues, from social tensions (Shostak and Jasiukiewicz) to frictions arising from the interpenetration of nature and technology (Baron, Jelonek). Unique though they are, all the works featured in the Two in One show clearly share one very specific element – the HUMAN ASPECT, which is also the motto of this year’s WRO Media Art Biennale. Framed in a post-technological perspective, the human becomes the main protagonist, the initiator, a recipient, and sometimes a victim of transformations which are sweeping across the world today.

When two natures are combined, a new quality is often brought forth. Two minuses make a plus. Two elements bind with each other to produce a substance with quite different properties in a process which tends to be accompanied by a release of energy. This is precisely the potential inherent in the works on display: coalescing Two in One, they cause a reaction in which energy is used to showcase dualisms of the contemporary world.

Comprised of films from all over the world, the selection shows the multiple ways in which contemporary artists understand, interpret, and artistically process the notion of duality by employing a comprehensive array of currently available technological means.

BlurBoyz /Dennis Michael, Khieffer Beviz, Istvan Hollos, Mátyás Wettl/ (HU), Nocturne, 2017, 4:59
Joacélio Batista (BR), Ich bin der Übermensch, 2018, 9:28
Daria Jelonek (DE), Technological Nature, 2017, 3:54
Magdalena ŁazarczykZuza Golińska (PL), Nothing Twice, 2018, 6:24
Jana Shostak, Jakub Jasiukiewicz (PL/BY), Marsz, 2019, 6:38
Guli Silberstein (GB), Field of Infinity, 2018, 5:22
Andres Baron (CO), Printed Sunset, 2017, 6:21

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