Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy /Artur Borkowski, Agnieszka Kulińska, Anna Nabiałkowska, Zbigniew Szymczyk/ (PL) & IP Group /Piotr Choromański, Jakub Lech, Bogumił Misala/ (PL)
performative installation, 2019

Kontr-akt – performative installation – is a meeting of the theatrical traditions of Henryk Tomaszewski and media art. The starting point for this experiment were Tomaszewski’s methods of work, his concept of theater, and above all, the memory of him and memories preserved by the actors working with him and co-creating the Wrocław Mime Theater.

Their experiences meet the audiovisual search of the IP Group – gaining new contexts and meanings. Artistic solutions, using technology, are becoming stage partners of pantomime actors, and at the same time they refer in their own way to work with the image and visual aspects that were particularly interesting and inspired by Tomaszewski.

Connecting environments of the body and technology allow to find new spaces and possibilities for the actors of the theater of movement and creators working with the media. It is also an opportunity to test the theatrical concepts of Henryk Tomaszewski.

collective creation of Wrocław Mime Theater and IP Group /Identity Problem Group/

concept of stage movement and acting: Artur Borkowski, Agnieszka Kulińska, Anna Nabiałkowska, Zbigniew Szymczyk (PL)

space concept, digital signal processing, multimedia: Bogumił Misala, Jakub Lech, Piotr Choromański (PL)

costumes: Artur Mazur