Nicolas Clauss (FR)
installation, 2018

Bodies, more or less curled up, are displayed (at scale 1) in a pyramid of boxes. They move as best they can in these restricted spaces interpreting a common generative partition, where time is stretched, where the gestures produced abandon themselves in a general choreography to become others. By isolating the bodies to finally gather them into a pile of boxes and connecting them to the same score, the work questions the relationship of the individual to the group. It evokes the threads that connect us and what isolates us, contains, encloses or protects us, frames of any kind, daily, social, psychological, corporal but also ideological, emotional, representational…

Nicolas Clauss (FR) has left painting in 2000 to use mainly video and programming. In a form of visual anthropology (sometimes choreographic), the artist’s approach constantly questions the Human Figure by taking the filmed image and its modes of deployment in time and space as a field of experimentation. These modes of image exploration are based on semi-random algorithmic writings. The video becomes a moving territory, without beginning or end, where the temporality is dilated, where the filmed image moves away from its first direction to venture towards other possible. To name this work, the artist talks about random videographies.