— Ethical Durable Ecology Nature
Olga Kisseleva (FR)
installation, 2018

This installation realized in collaboration with the Orange Telecom company is a new kind of organic network based on vegetal medium. As we know, all vegetal species can communicate with their environment. Instead of words they use different kinds of molecular emission. The communication can be established between trees of the same species, but it can also be addressed to a different organism: insect, or animal, including human. This aptitude helps trees optimize their vital mechanisms and protect themselves from potential aggressors. The work transforms this encrypted communication into a comprehensive and open network. The trees included into the project can talk together across continents. Humans can follow their communication through an interactive smartphone application created by the artist.
The installation presented during the WRO Biennale 2019 communicates with a plane tree (platanus), characteristic for Wrocław’s parks. It allowed spectators to take part in that communication using videos received on their own smartphones and tablets.

Olga Kisseleva (FR), born in 1965, approaches her work like a scientist. She calls upon exact sciences: genetic biology, geophysics, political and social sciences. She proceeds with her experiments, calculations and analyses, while strictly respecting the methods of the scientific domain. Her artistic hypothesis is thus verified and approved by a strictly scientific method.
She lives in Paris and teaches contemporary art in the Sorbonne University, she is Head of Art&Science International Institute.
Her works are a part of the most important museums’ collections: Centre Pompidou (Paris, France), Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris, France), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), MMOMA (Moscow, Russia), National Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia), Getty Centre (Los Angeles, CA), MoMA (NY, NY).

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