Daily Data Orchestra
Dorota Błaszczak (PL)
installation, 2018

A generative installation which offers an opportunity to listen to the daily work cycle of the team of people who record sequences of digital data in disc spaces. Without such data, it is impossible to find and retrieve information. Without data, even the most exquisite, self-learning algorithms are useless. Without reliable data, algorithmic inferencing is shaped by glitches and/or purposive errors. Given this, the importance of daily work with data cannot be overestimated and is arousing an ever-growing interest. The traces of the formation of record streams remain in database structures in the form of timestamps, such as in a music sequencer. Data about the days and times of records entered by several people have been retrieved from the database of the Polish Radio Archive. The data make it possible to produce the daily rhythms of the activities of each of these people. We can hear two temporal realities: the process of data entering and their algorithmic utilization in the installation.

Dorota Błaszczak (PL), born in 1961, a graduate of Sound Engineering at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw (Poland). Her installations and interactive projects are based on sound and listening, with her works serving as tools for the fathoming and aural experiencing of databases, radio audio resources, and ambient objects. Collaborating in VR projects, she has taken part in many exhibitions, for example in Canada, the US (1992-2001) and the UK (1996-97). Her interactive installations were exhibited at the 2015 WRO Art Biennale and the 2016 European Capital of Culture (Wrocław, Poland). Her sound projects were presented at Radiophrenia (2017) and Phonurgia Nova (2018).

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