panel discussion
Barbara / Culture Zone Wrocław
17.05 / Friday
13:00 – 15:00

moderation: Penesta Dika (AT)
Kensuke Sembo (JP) + Kazuhiko Yoshizaki (JP) + Boris Magrini (CH) + Robin Klengel (AT) + Leonhard Müllner (AT)

Panel „Media Art History – Reincarnation“, will consider the representation of the artworks in their original form creating links between historic examples of art and media artworks, addressing so the key topics of the participating panelists. Thus the panelist Kensuke Sembo as a member of the artistic group exonemo will address the problematic of media art presentations and its challenges from an artist’s point of view.
Further, the panelist Kazuhiko Yoshizaki will approach the issue as a curator of the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in Japan by introducing the first edition of Reincarnation of Media Art exhibited in Japan.
Boris Magrini – as a curator in an electronic art museum in Basel, will address the problem of the representation of media artworks by presenting concrete examples from the HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), while Leonhard Müllner and Robin Klengel will treat the problematic of the artistic video games, focusing on the issue what happens with games and their digital gaming landscapes if they are not being played/used anymore.