Ultraviolet Garden
— Jardim Ultravioleta
Rodrigo Gomes (PT)
video, 2018, 2:31

Objects are placed on the chess board as a type of a strategy game where lenses of video cameras and magnifying glasses reflect murder images.
On July 12, 2007, two Reuters journalists were killed because their telephoto lens were mistaken as RPG weapons during the New Baghdad air strike of the American army. After three years, Reuters tried to get the video through the Freedom of Information Act without success. The video was only revealed on 5th April 2010 by Wikileaks under the name of “Collateral Murder”.

Rodrigo Gomes (PT), born 1991, completed graduate studies in Visual Arts – Sculpture at University of Évora. His work questions the trivialization of the images through the screens that are now part of a globalizing fabric that binds us to another order of information transferals.
His major solo show was How to deposit images on a bank in Appleton – Cultural Association in 2018. Recent group exhibitions include Fuso – International Video art Festival of Lisbon in MAAT and Sonae Media Award in National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon. In 2017 he won the Sonae Media Art Award and in 2018 the New Awards.

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