— Sirens
Emmanuel Tussore (FR)
video, 2017, 11:00

Faced with the immensity of the sea, a human chain silently proceeds. Men and women walk relentlessly but quietly towards the horizon. Guided by their instinct, anonymous beings launch forth to a mysterious fate as if drawn by an irresistible song. Nothing breaks their momentum but an occasional misstep, a crash against the power of the elements or the rush of the waves. And one by one, these faceless bodies disappear in an ever going flow.

Emmanuel Tussore (FR), born in 1984, combines in his practise photography, video, sculpture, and installation, drawing on history and current events. Taking a critical view of social and cultural issues, he proposes a symbolic and imaginary vision of a tragic world in which the notion of disappearance predominates.
His work has been shown in various national and international exhibitions such as: Danse Elargie at Théâtre de la Ville Paris, Berlinale Berlin International Film Festival, Dak’Art Biennale of Contemporary Art at Atiss gallery in Senegal, Parcours Privé FIAC, Nuit Blanche Paris, Hors les murs Palais de Tokyo, Nuit Blanche Brussels, LagosPhoto in Nigeria, Athens Photo Festival, Young European Photographers: Paris Circulation(s) Festival, New York Photo Festival.

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