Predictive Art Bot
DISNOVATION.ORG /Nicolas Maigret (FR), Maria Roszkowska (PL)/
installation, 2017

An algorithm that turns the latest media headlines into artistic concepts.
In the age of hyperconnectivity, the perverse implications of media echo chambers are becoming more and more obvious. Groups with similar behaviors are being partitioned in filter bubbles, while the few massively reposted topics tend to monopolize most of the available attention. The installation caricatures the predictability of media influenced artistic concepts, by automating and skirting the human creative process. But beyond mere automation, it aims to stimulate unbridled, counter-intuitive and even disconcerting associations of ideas. It continually monitors emerging trends among the most influential news sources in fields as heterogeneous as politics, environment, innovation, culture, activism, or health. On this basis, it identifies and combines keywords to generate concepts of artworks in a fully automated way, ranging from unreasonable to prophetic through absurd.

DISNOVATION.ORG /Nicolas Maigret (FR), Maria Roszkowska (PL)/ is a group working at the crossroads between contemporary art, research and hacking, which develops situations of disturbance, speculation, and debate, challenging the dominant ideology of technological innovation (from techno-solutionism to techno-escapism) and stimulating the emergence of alternative narratives.