Grzegorz Demczuk (PL)

supervisor: Dr. Łukasz Ogórek
Strzemiński Academy of Art in Lodz
Faculty of Graphics and Painting, Studio of Multimedia

Podstawa (Base) is a mobile platform which rocks as it is perched on a hidden, semi-circular steel structure. Affected by the visitors’ weight and movements, it tilts at different angels. This enhances the sense of the body’s movement in space and catalyzes interactions. To maintain or to disrupt balance, people on the platform must cooperate. Balance is also important in the accompanying video-performances in which bodies and wordplays are used to address themes of conceptual art and the city of Lodz.

Grzegorz Demczuk, born in 1992 in Częstochowa. He channels his observations into performative actions and works with video and installations.

His works have been presented at solo shows at the Czynna Gallery and the Portrait Studio in Lodz; and at several group exhibitions, including the TSE Art Destination Gallery in Kazakhstan, the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, the Labyrinth Gallery in Lublin, and the Bunker Gallery in Ukraine. He took part in the 16th Survival Art Festival in Wroclaw, the VideoNews Festival in Lublin, and the IN OUT Festival in Gdansk. He is an awardee of the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.