BlurBoyz /Dennis Michael, Khieffer Beviz, Istvan Hollos, Mátyás Wettl/ (HU)
video, 2017, 4:59

The presented work is a music video about the performance ‘Nocturne’. It is a percussion quartet written by the young Hungarian composer Mátyás Wettl. It was created for the Gaudeamus Award to the commission by the Dutch percussion group Slagwerk Den Haag. It is a quartet for 16 light switches and 16 lamps (or any kind of lights). The musical material consists only of the sounds from the clicking noise of the switches, but as the musicians turn lights on and off, the piece also has an equally important visual element, making it not only a musical, but an audio-visual art piece.

BlurBoyz /Dennis Michael, Khieffer Beviz, Istvan Hollos, Mátyás Wettl/ (HU) is a group of audio-visual artists. Its activities have a broad range, including lighting and stage design, live mapping, video art, audio-visual installations, graphic designs, music composition, sound design, audio engineering, etc. It was formed in 2015 by Dennis Michael & Khieffer Beviz and Istvan Hollos (later joined by composer Mátyás Wettl), and since then have been developing an artistic language with the 4DSOUND system. They have been invited to the Amsterdam Dance Event and the Lunchmeat Festival’s main stage, and during this time they have been working with Murcof, Biosphere, Lucy, Stimming, Acid Pauli, Raster-Noton, Legowelt and Silent Servant.

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