Fabian Kühfuß (DE)
installation, 2017

Do robots dream of virtual puppies? A game about training dogs is being played by a robot. This installation deals with simulated leisure time, virtual animals and artificial empathy. Does a virtual dog notice that he is being stroked by a robot? And can it develop sympathies for this robot?

Fabian Kühfuß (DE), born 1985, finished his academic studies of visual art in the new media art class by Ulrich Wegenast at the FKN in 2011. He received a project grant by Karin-Abt-Straubinger-Stiftung (2012) and a Studio Grant by the City of Stuttgart (2015-19). In 2014 he won the Media in Space Category at the 27th Stuttgarter Filmwinter. His works had been exhibited at: Ars Electronica, European Media Arts Festival, CYNETART, U14 Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, WKV, FILE Festival, Galerie Merkle, Kassler Dokumentarfilmfestival, ADAF, Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg, Spark Contemporary Art Space, Patchlab, B-Seite Festival, Fluctuating Images, University of Toronto, University of Viena.

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