Miss Polonii
Jana Shostak (BY/PL), Jakub Jasiukiewicz (PL)
performance, 2018-ongoing

Jana Shostak – a Polish artist from Belarus – participates in beauty contests, fighting for the coveted crown of the miss. In opposition to her efforts, apart from other candidates, there also stand the regulations of contests limiting participation one the basis of age, nationality or place of residence. At the same time, Jana – nicknamed by her own parents the Revolution – struggles with the jury of artistic competitions in which she participates and the university professors, where she is trying to get a PhD.

Jana Shostak (BY / PL), Jakub Jasiukiewicz (PL) are a Polish-Belarusian artistic and film duo. They were joined by the work on the documentary comedy Miss Polonia (2020). They combine significant experience with youthful energy. On average, they are 30 years old and they believe in the effectiveness of art. They leave their hermetic, artistic bubble with the hope that beauty contests catapult them to the world of film and broad audience.