Anastasia Pataridze (GE/PL)

supervisors: Professor Piotr Wołyński and Professor Konrad Kuzyszyn
University of the Arts in Poznan
Faculty of Media Art, Photography Studios III and IV

My focal concern in this work is what is referred to as contemporary ZEN, i.e., the sense of peace which is unachievable in our realities, for it is precluded by the catastrophic condition both of our environmental awareness and of the natural environment itself. Consequently, the major burden of our environmental conscience is suppressed into the unconscious, which cannot handle either our history as it has unfolded so far or the sense of responsibility it has induced.

In my work, I speak in the voice of sad people who time and again fail in their attempts to find pleasures to divert them from their guilty consciousness of the situation in which they have put themselves. The requiem which accompanies the show stirs ZEN-preventing dissonance, serves as a farewell to the human species, and triggers an unrelievable tension.

Anastasia Pataridze, born in 1993 in Tbilisi, finds inspiration in human problems and vulnerabilities in the contemporary world, in the surfeit of information, and in its accelerating overproduction.

Her works have been presented at group exhibitions at the Lectwo Gallery and the 9/10 Gallery in Poznan, the FF Gallery in Lodz, the UA Gallery and the Rotational Cultural Center in Warsaw, the Municipal Art Center in Gorzów Wielkopolski and the ZhdK in Zurich.

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