Bye Sick Zone
ON/OFF /Zen Lu, Pete Zhao/ (CN)
installation, 2018

The Disappearing Village as the biggest ‘village-within-a-city’ in Shenzhen China, Baishizhou has almost the largest concentration of farmer flats and houses within the urban areas of Shenzhen. With approximately 2,527 blocks and 50,473 units of rented flats on its 0.6 kilometre square of land, the village accommodates about 140,000 inhabitants (almost reaching 300,000 inhabitants at its peak). With the high-speed advancement of the urbanization process, Baishizhou will undergo demolition and relocation, and quickly disappear. It is a miniature of the present-day China. The installation reproduces the crowded, noisy and yet lively and energetic scenes of lifes in Baishizhou.

ON/OFF /Zen Lu, Pete Zhao/ (CN) is a new media art project based in Shenzhen China. They focus on the city, the crowd, the subtle changes. They maintain independent social observation.

Zen Lu (CN) is an experimental/electronic musician, sound artist, founder of We Play! Records and Neo Sound new art group and events curator. He’s one of the founders of ChoP, a musical project between China and Poland. He is also a member of N2 New Media Art Lab. He participated in WRO Biennale 2017.

Pete Zhao (CN) is a video artist/director. He host the radio program “Wild Bird” and the youth subculture magazine “chained OX”.

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