Marta Krysińska (PL)
megazin, intermedia action

supervisors: Dr. Hab. Danuta Dąbrowska-Wojciechowska and Bartosz Zaskórski, M.A.
Academy of Art in Szczecin
Faculty of Painting and New Media, Studio of Book Art and Multimedia Publishing


It took me nearly one year to develop the magazine. Its contents and the visual layer kept changing as time went by and my experiences evolved. Nevertheless, opportunities for engaging and talking with people, that is, for a unique flow of ideas, always lay at the core of my project.

In BEJSEN, young designers and artists stand up in opposition to the fashion conglomerate, which is part of our consumer lifestyle. They explore alternative modes of fashion- and art-making. Their work is a particular response to the current social, economic, cultural, and environmental problems. Fashion proves to be a useful medium for offering an insightful commentary on the world around us and for taking a position on several issues.
BEJSEN deliberately incorporates my experience in working in the world engrossed with profit and sales figures, where only the sales target matters. I worked as a hostess at exclusive drugstores and shops. I watched and analyzed the world of luxury brands from within.


Our lives are saturated with visuality through and through; there are opportunities galore, as there are means of meeting our needs and of making our desires a reality. As a consequence, we are slowly losing not only our identities but also our humanity. As Jean Baudrillard put it: “The real is suffocated by its own accumulation. There is no way now for the dream to be an expression of a desire since its virtual accomplishment is already present. Deprivation of dreams, deprivation of desire. And we know what mental disorder sleep deprivation induces.”

Amidst the crisis of surfeit of opportunities and expectations, a Shrimp Human (Shrimp Woman) is born. Arising out of the visual chaos, the creature strives to make its way into the world as a new star, or rather a new celebrity. She puts her life on like a digital suit.

Marta Krysińska, born in 1993 in Warsaw. She graduated from the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the Institute of Art Education, Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. She works with painting, photography, and graphic design. In her practices, she explores the condition of the modern human being submerged in the digital world.