Artificial Senses
Kim Albrecht (DE)
installation, 2017

In current times, machine learning and artificial intelligence are buzzwords. But they are more than that — they influence our behavior as well as our conception of the technologies themselves and the world they represent. A lack of understanding of how these systems operate on their own terms is dangerous. How can we live with, trust, and interact with this alien species, which we set forth into the world, if we know it only through interfaces designed to make the machine unnaturally akin to the world we already know? This project visualizes raw sensor data that our phones and computers collect and process, to help us understand how these machines experience the world.

Kim Albrecht (DE), born 1987, visualizes cultural, technological, and scientific forms of knowledge. His diagrams are meant to unfold and question the structures of representation and explore the aesthetic of the intermingling of technology and society through the sensual experience of tracing information. As knowledge designer and aesthetic researcher, Kim Albrecht explores the boundaries of visual knowledge in the post-digital age.
Kim was born in the northernmost point in Germany, an island in the North Sea. He worked as a creative researcher at the Center for Complex Network Research and in 2017 joined the metaLAB Harvard. In 2016 Kim started his Ph.D. at the University of Potsdam in the field of media theory. His work has among others been exhibited in the Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, The Cooper Hewitt, New York, and the Kim? Contemporary Art Center in Riga.

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