panel discussion
Barbara / Culture Zone Wrocław
16.05 / Thursday
13:15 – 15:15

moderation: Geoff Cox (GB/DK)

Kim Albrecht (DE) + Paweł Janicki (WRO) + Akihiro Kubota (JP) + Kei Komachiya (JP) + Winnie Soon (HK) + Andres Visti (DK)

How do different artists working with computers negotiate the issue of what is “made sensible”, available to the human senses or not? What is made visible or audible, or what can be said or thought, made or done, with aesthetic production using computers? The issue of transparency concerning software and hardware has long been an important topic, to confront the opacity of technical systems, and without which users are unable to access how machines work, but to what extent do artists attempt to further unsettle the relation between what we perceive and know about the world – between what is visible and invisible, the audible and the inaudible, the thinkable and the unthinkable, fact and fiction?

Artists exhibiting at WRO offer different strategies here, using environmental sensors and networked devices to extend our cognitive and sensory capacities and to expose how machines experience and make artificial sense of the world.