WRO on Tour #4

6. Dzielnica Łódź
Piotrkowska 102, Łódź, Poland
Oct 30, 2019 / Wed / 6 PM

assaults marches strolls

New and non-new worlds call for conquest or at least exploration. Public space, private space, abandoned or frequented, physical or synthetic – regardless of where we are and for what purpose, only some form of travel will allow us to face the very nature of the surrounding world.

The work collected in the program is a catalog of tactics ready for copying and independent use for all interested (and uninterested), from full-time outsiders to enthusiastic system apologists. So we will absorb the subversively used mechanisms straight from textbooks for uniformed services, techniques of guiding tourists through post-apocalyptic and rather inhospitable terrain, dealing with both the crowd and its complete opposite, meaningful use of modern two-wheelers, and finally we will join together in contemplating sunset in realities available for medium earners.


Liliana Piskorska (PL), Public Displays of Affection, 2017, 6:40
Leonhard MüllnerRobin Klengel (AT), Operation Jane Walk, 2018, 16:14
Jana Shostak, Jakub Jasiukiewicz (PL/BY), Marsz, 2019, 6:38
Magdalena ŁazarczykZuza Golińska (PL), Nothing Twice, 2018, 6:24
Eginhartz Kanter (DE), Taking Away, 2018, 6:42
Andres Baron (CO), Printed Sunset, 2017, 6:21

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