WRO on Tour #11

Valletta Contemporary
Valletta, Malta
Mar 3, 2020 / Tue / 7-9 PM

Digital Culture Overload

Digital culture can no longer be perceived as a separate part of the culture – constantly processed information, overwhelming screens and uninterrupted online activity have become a part of the everyday and of all aspects of life. If we add to that the warnings against the loss of the brain’s ability to concentrate and the impoverishment of human relationships, the notion of digital culture suddenly appears not as a positive sign of progress or as an exciting new field – but as a destructive force making all aspects of human experience of the world superficial. We are witnessing an evolution of the notion of digital culture – from something unarguably positive to a potentially dangerous unstoppable phenomenon. These chosen works will be presented in the context of these ongoing changes:

DISNOVATION.ORG /Nicolas Maigret (FR), Maria Roszkowska (PL)/, Predictive Art Bot, 2017
Susanna Flock (AT), Fetish Finger, 2016
Harriet Fleuriot, Sarah Cockings (GB), Plasma Vista, 2016
Guli Silberstein (GB), Field of Infinity, 2018
Winnie Soon (HK), Unerasable Images, 2018
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos (US/FR), Oracle, 2017
Shota Yamauchi (JP), Achilles and the Toroise, 2016
Maciej Olszewski (PL), DIY (Destroy It Yourself), 2014
Dani Ploeger (NL), Charging, 2014-15
Nika Oblak, Primoz Novak (SI), Border Mover, 2015

Curated and hosted by Klio Krajewska

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