WRO on Tour #10

Kyoto Art Center
Jan 13, 2020 / Mon / 2 PM

An artefact is an object or an event, an amalgamation of art and technology, an artificially produced work.

The human aspect, entangled in the technological progress, is revealed across a range of artefacts, from the artefacts which have been given a material form by artists (Kanter, Baron, and Jelonek), to the behavioral artefacts, such as actions and rituals (Batista, Kooij, and Shostak and Jasiukiewicz), to simulations of the external world (Taniguchi) and speculations (Kubo).

The program addresses material, non-material, and symbolic dimensions of contemporary artefacts of art. It shows the evolution and the heterogeneity of approaches to and understandings of what the work is in a culture dominated by media mediation.

As outcomes of human activity, artefacts externalize human thoughts, feelings, and forebodings. They arise from cultural values and norms and, with time, come to serve as a historical testimony of their times, with their characteristic processes and attitudes. Even though artefacts are often made of unobvious and fragile materials, they are immortal effects of creative processes.


Gaetan Kubo (JP), My body is my laboratory, 2017, 5:50
Jana Shostak, Jakub Jasiukiewicz (PL/BY), Marsz, 2019, 6:38
Joacélio Batista (BR), Ich bin der Übermensch, 2018, 9:28
Andres Baron (CO), Printed Sunset, 2017, 6:21
Eginhartz Kanter (DE), Taking Away, 2018, 6:42
Akihiko Taniguchi (JP), The Big Browser 3D, 2017, 7:15
Daria Jelonek (DE), Technological Nature, 2017, 3:54
Demelza Kooij (NL), Wolves From Above, 2018, 5:40

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