a special program for children and their relatives

Continuing with the idea that started in 2009, WRO Biennale is accompanied by a special program for children and their relatives under the name of Little WRO.

This year, younger and older visitors will be guided through the WRO Biennale exhibitions by the Little WRO Guidebook. This guide not only refers to the latest works, but also the selected works taken from the WRO archive, first created in 1989. New and older works are now paired and elaborated on by a 30-member team.

With the participation of children and adults, working in 15 family-tandems, we have prepared the Little WRO Guidebook which is the third in the series, but different from the previous ones. It is based on notes, associations, tasks, photos and illustrations related to the works which we hope encourage you to family discussion about and not only about art.

The program of Little WRO also includes: exhibition tours,  body movement & media workshops with the Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy (Wrocław Mime Theater), educational activities at the Pawilon Czterech Kopuł (Four Domes Pavilion), special events in Barbara / Strefa Kultury Wrocław (Culture Zone Wrocław) and WRO Art Center.