About the WRO Biennale

On its 30th anniversary, the WRO Biennale, Poland’s largest show of international contemporary art, which commenced as the International Sound Basis Visual Art Festival in 1989 and has explored the development of communication tools ever since, offers a critical scrutiny of processes unfolding in culture, communication, and society by examining the CZYNNIK LUDZKI / HUMAN ASPECT in a post-technological perspective.

The anniversary edition is an opportunity for a critical review of the last thirty years. Over this period, both art and media technologies have undergone a veritably stupendous transformation. The WRO Biennale has always been swift to respond to these changes by presenting to Polish audiences not only innovative strategies and works of artists, but also state-of-the-art technologies and devices largely inaccessible to the general public.

To showcase and publicize this process in a variety of forms and with a strong critical investment is one of the major and most daunting conceptual, curatorial, and promotional challenges of this year’s edition of the Biennale.

The Biennale will feature special invitation projects and a varied set of works selected from among more than 1,700 submissions from across the world. Around 100 works will explore the complexities inherent in the current relations between the human and the technological, with the human as an initiator, a recipient and, sometimes, a victim of these mutating interplays.