— Sapu Angin
Belangtelon Initiative /Cahyo Prayogo, Choirul Arifin, Fiky Daulay/ (ID)
video, 2017, 5:17

The racing pigeon with a surveillance camera attached to its body files back home to a pegupon (pigeon house) making the change of the suburban landscape of Surabaya vividly visible. Beyond the “new social class”, the living space and original kampongs (villages) shift one by one. The work shows a narrative of a massive and frightening land grabbing that is practiced trivially, and quotidian. The land grabbing is precisely exploitative in the midst of areas abandoned from human, yet seen by other creatures, that are also exploited for practices which are not less trivial – pigeon race gambling called adu doro.

Belangtelon Initiative /Cahyo Prayogo, Choirul Arifin, Fiky Daulay/ (ID) completed their graduate studies in varied majors including Communication Studies and Cultural Studies. Their work is deeply rooted in documentary tradition and experimentation of moving image as an alternative form of knowledge production. Their work explores possibilities to experiment with social aspects of reality in dealing with city issues.
Recent exhibitions / screenings include public presentation at Kunci Cultural Studies Center (ID), Incheon International Vienna Sausage Film Festival (KR), and Revolution per Minute Festival (US).

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