unearth / Paleo-Pacific
Shun Owada (JP)
installation, 2017

Exploration of the fundamental elements of sound: the atmosphere and time. The work utilizes a specific type of limestone produced through the fossilization of fusulina, small marine organisms that vanished during the greatest mass extinction 250 million years ago. Fusulina formed their bodies by biological fixation of CO2 in the sea. And CO2 is still stored in these fossils (limestones). Dripping diluted acid onto them causes the fossils to melt, and releases CO2 into the space. Owing to the microphones placed around the limestone, the viewers can listen to the extremely subtle sound of fossils melting.

Shun Owada (JP), born in 1985, is a Tokyo/India-based sound artist, interested in physical and physiological aspects of sound. He explores the relationship between sound and the perception of (living) things. His works vary from live improvisation using computers to sound installation. A graduate in Fine Art (MA) and in Music (BA) from the Tokyo University of the Arts. His works have been exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Impurity/Immunity (不純物と免疫) (Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo), Sound Reasons (1Shanti Road, Bangalore, IND, 2016), unearth (NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, 2015) and dissolution (Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, 2014).