Tortoise Timer
— トータスタイマー
Mitsuru Tokisato (JP)
installation, 2018

Counting Appearances Training#2

A closed-circuit site-specific video installation composed of a stopwatch, a large one-minute timer, a single navigation monitor and two monitors facing each other on two opposite walls of the room. The video image shows a tortoise alternately moving across the two monitors at fixed time intervals. A stopwatch with printing functionality which is connected to the monitor measures the lap-time as the tortoise passes through the center of one of the monitors. The navigation monitor displays the floor plan of the venue and a white circle that moves synchronously with the tortoise. The one-minute timer is always running and has no connection with the tortoise. Another attempt to connect the spatial and temporal aspects of the video image and the live situation in a particular space.

Mitsuru Tokisato (JP) graduated from the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in 2010 and from the Tama Art University in 2012. He produces artworks by conducting experiments and observations on images. His major exhibitions include: the Viewpoint Unit (emergencies! 022, ICC, 2014), Counting Appearances (SOBO, Tokyo, 2016), Counting Appearances training#2” (gallery-to-plus, Tokyo, 2017), and Rabbit Reading (TABULAE, Tokyo, 2018).

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