Technological Nature
Daria Jelonek (DE)
video, 2017, 3:54

What if your shower could cause a rainbow, you could encounter the wonder of the Northern Lights in your fridge or observe the sunset in your artificial panorama window?
How would you view technology if you realized everything was controlled through an augmentation of nature’s wonders?
This video is an art research project investigating the imitation, recreation and augmentation of natural phenomena in our everyday life. Through moving image, an audiovisual immersive installation and WebVR, this project aims to create a new mindset for the hybrid of traditional biophysical nature and the nature of technology. The project results from my experience of living with objects that artificially imitate natural light phenomenon – such as artificial sun clocks, rainbow machines and aurora machines – for a period of six months, in order to explore their nature.
This ongoing art research project is a starting point for discussion about how humans will live with the increasing amount of technology and the degradation of biophysical nature in times of AI and Machine Learning.

Daria Jelonek (DE) is a media artist and researcher who lives and works in London. Her work is situated in the field of immersive art installations and interaction design, with the focus on the relationship between nature and technology. Prizes: Collusion art funding 2018-2019 (winner), Lumen Prize 2018 (shortlisted), Bloomberg bursary (2017), WIRED Creative Hack Award 2017 (finalist), Tenderflix Award 2017 (finalist), Communication Arts Award 2017 (shortlist) and the Battersea sculpture prize 2016 (winner). Exhibitions: Royal Academy, ICA London, Photophore Venice, Hima Art Space Shanghai, International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen, London design Festival.

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