Sculpture for All of the Intelligence no.2 – Signals to be Discovered
Space-Moere Project by ARTSAT x SIAF Lab /Akihiro Kubota, Katsuya Ishida, Daisuke Funato, Norimichi Hirakawa, Kei Komachiya/ (JP)
installation, 2017-19

The installation is a speculative encounter between the Humans and an unknown extraterrestrial intelligence, utilizing the art and science approach and connecting a place on Earth with the outer space through personal technology and media artworks and sharing the process with citizens.
You can receive and hear signals which are supposed to be addressed to general intelligence from non-human beings through the portable radios in hand. The structure of transmitting antenna as a sculpture of electromagnetic wave is based on a geometric four-dimensional Platonic solid (Regular 24-polytope) which is a common language of the universe. This regular icositetrachoron form of three hypercubes (4 dimensional cube) with 24 vertices, 96 edges, 96 equilateral triangles and 24 regular octahedrons has many symmetries. You can discover various shapes by looking from various directions and speculate meaning of the received signals in the anticipation of extra-human intelligence in space.

ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project in collaboration with the Tama Art University and the University of Tokyo has been promoting the cultural and artistic use of the universe under the motto “Satellites as media” since 2010. The ARTSAT team won the Award of Distinction in the Hybrid Art category at the Ars Electronica 2015.

The SIAF Lab, established in 2015, conducts civil collaborative projects, such as art-related lecture series and the Bent Icicle Project–Tulala. Its main focus is creative coding, the practice of expressive performance using software, explorations of the creative possibilities in programming through workshops and exhibitions and sharing these experiences.