Kuesti Fraun (DE)
video, 2017, 00:24

Dedicated to the bus driver who left me out in the rain in 1987, although he saw me and I was at the bus stop on time.

Kuesti Fraun (DE), born in 1976, completed studies in theater and film dramatics, co-founder of the creative collective mobtik, lives and works as a freelanced author and filmmaker in Düsseldorf, producing numerous media art projects, from experimental forms to more classical fictional stories in text, motion pictures, and sound, with worldwide appearances at festivals, on radio as well as exhibitions, art and film presentations since 1999 (with screenings and honors at Louvre Museum Paris, Marler Video Art Award, International Short Film Festival Berlin, Poetry Film Festival Vienna, Athens Digital Festival, Multimedia Museum Moscow, NASA, Houston Cinema Arts Society, Deutschlandradio Kultur and many more.)

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