Field of Infinity
Guli Silberstein (GB)
video, 2018, 5:22

Inspired by Italian renaissance paintings and protests of the people of Gaza at the border with Israel, the work connects classic images of human gestures and landscape views, to contemporary attraction to news images, beauty, and blood. Desire for liberation, nature rejuvenation and a young girl, merge and form a mysterious, dark and colourful audio-visual scramble.

Guli Silberstein (UK), born in 1969 in Israel, is a video artist and editor, a British citizen, based in London since 2010. He received a BA in Film from Tel-Aviv University in 1997 and a MA in Media Studies from The New School University, New York City, where he studied and lived in 1997-2002. Since 2000, Guli creates short video works widely shown and winning awards in festivals and art venues in the UK and worldwide, including showing works at: London Short Film Festival, Transmediale Berlin, Go Short in the Netherlands, JIDFF, Jihlava, Czech Republic, Festival of (In)appropriation, LA USA, New York Film Week, The National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE USA.

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