Piotr Madej (PL)
performance, 2019

Audio performance referencing the classic film by Wojciech Bruszewski, YYAA. Human perception is sensitive to certain frequencies that, when appearing in specific systems, are interpreted by the mind as meaningful sounds. The source of the emission is a computer synthesis of formants, and the sound is extracted by the artist with gesture. Additional layers of the work are created by lighting and projection.

Piotr Madej (PL) is an intermedia artist, composer, sound engineer, member of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music and the GrupLab research collective, a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2017. Since 2007, he has been associated with Audio Art Festival, Gallery i!, ATA Stage, he is studying Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. His most prominent works and concerts include: Meetin’ – audio performance – Audio Art Festival (2013), Harp – AR installation – The Garden – a Visible/Invisible Museum of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko (2017), The perception of Spheres/Around Armilar Sphere – interactive installation – 4th Best Media Arts Graduation Projects Competition and Audio Art Festival 2018.