Andrew Golgotha by John the Zealot
Piotr Marzec (PL)
Intermedia action in process

supervisor: Professor Mirosław Bałka
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Faculty of Media Art, Studio of Spatial Activities

The project consists of painting works. Their number is constantly growing, however without heading towards any pre-planned culmination. With every new iteration having a unique form of its own, the project has served as the basis for a literary text and a performative action, to name but two examples.

The installation using pizza boxes can be read as a comic book which we navigate intuitively. How the content is exactly read always depends on the prior selection of works (there are about 200 boards available), with several plot-lines clearly identifiable among them, such as presence in the urban space, travel, love, eroticism, violence, and religion. The protagonist’s tourist trip which we join while experiencing the work is both an inner and a physical quest. The paintings represent the completion of consecutive stages of this journey.

The most recent element of the project is a cartoon entitled Stendhal’s Syndrome which relies on the silent book narrative and introduces a traveler figure to tell the story of a tourist who embarks on a journey along a route described in literature, in search of the read-about venues and experiences.

Piotr Marzec, born in 1993 in Myślenice. He graduated from the Faculty of Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He works at the intersection of image and text, relying on his experience in constructing narratives in comic books and films. He is interested in playing with stereotypes, interpretation, reinterpretation, and twists of action. His thematic concerns include travel, inner transformation of the protagonist, the tourist’s point of view, and images one cannot take one’s eyes off. His works have been presented at group exhibitions (e.g. the Coming Out Best Graduation Projects at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Greetings from the Capital at the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno, Deep Water at the Gdansk Municipal Gallery, and the Open Platform of the Contexts Festival of Ephemeral Art) and students’ shows at the Studio of Spatial Activities. He takes part in Poetry Slams.

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